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Terms and conditions




Terms and conditions

Credit Panda is subject to federal and provincial privacy laws, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and the Private Sector Privacy Act. Thus, Credit Panda is required to take the necessary measures to comply with these laws and ensure the confidentiality and protection of the personal information of its clients, collected in the context of requests for services or loans.

This privacy policy sets out the practices of Credit Panda in the collection, use and disclosure of personal information from its clients.

Personal information

By personal information is understood any information about an individual and allowing an individual to be identified, as more fully described in the applicable laws about the protection of personal information.

Information gathering method

Credit Panda collects various personal information during direct and indirect interactions with its clients, in particular through online requests or interactive forms available on the Credit Panda website. By completing an interactive form or a loan request and submitting supporting documents, the client consents to these terms in favor of Credit Panda. The client also consents to Credit Panda obtaining personal information from third parties identified in interactive forms or loan applications, such as financial institutions, employers and credit bureau.

The information collected:

The information collected includes in particular:

·         Surname, first name, address;

·         Telephone and fax numbers;

·         Email Address;

·         Date of birth, sex;

·         Marital status;

·         Social insurance number, health insurance number and driver’s license number;

·         Profession and employment (duration, salary, etc.);

·         Name and contact details of the employer;

·         Income (personal, family and other sources of income);

·         Financial situation data (assets, liabilities, bank account statements, etc.);

·         Any other information collected with the approval of the client;

In addition to information submitted by the clients, Credit Panda may also collect information on the clients’ computer, including, where applicable, their IP address, their operating system and their browser type for system administration and general information transmission to advertisers.

Credit Panda may also collect statistical data on browsing habits. This information is not such as to allow the identification of an individual. Credit Panda may also obtain information about the client’s general use of the Internet, using cookie files stored on the client’s hard drive.

The purposes for which the information is collected

Personal information collected by Credit Panda is confidential and is collected in the first instance of assessing the client’s eligibility for requested loans and following up on said loan requests, if applicable. They are also used for the distribution of promotional material via newsletters and / or email.

The use of personal information

Credit Panda uses personal information in the normal course of the administration of its business, in particular to create the client account, communicate with the client as part of the administration of his account, provide him with services and respond to his questions, establish and verify his identity, the veracity and accuracy of the information provided, his credit, his eligibility for loans, his employment, references and contacts, as well as to carry out loans and collection procedures.

Credit Panda may communicate a list of names of its clients to one or more third parties for the purposes of commercial or philanthropic prospecting. A nominal list is a list of names, telephone numbers, geographic addresses of individuals or technological addresses where an individual can receive communication of a document or a technological information. Where applicable, the client will be informed in advance by Credit Panda of its desire to share the list of names of its clients with one or more third parties. The client will then have the opportunity to accept or refuse the sharing of information concerning him.

Credit Panda may use the personal information collected to send promotional material or other information about the company’s products and services to its clients. By consenting to these terms, the client agrees to be on the mailing list for promotional material and newsletters. The client who wishes to remove his contact details from the mailing list can contact Credit Panda at the contact details appearing at the bottom of this document or click on the “unsubscribe” tab appearing at the bottom of one of said mailings.

Cookies allow Credit Panda to improve its customer service, estimate the volume of users and their habits, store information about the preferences of its customers and recognize them when they return on its website.

Access to information

Credit Panda agents authorized to manage client accounts and to respond to loan requests have access to the personal information contained therein. The advertising and promotional agents Credit Panda have access to the only information necessary for the creation and management of mailing lists for promotional purposes.

Credit Panda may disclose the client’s personal information to loan brokers, financial institutions or lenders, creditors and employer(s) in the context of the performance of its obligations arising from the loan contract entered with the client.

Credit Panda may disclose the client’s personal information to collection agencies, legal studies and legal authorities for the purposes of debt collection as well as for the exercise of any recourse derived from the service contract entered with the client.

Credit Panda may be required to disclose client’s personal information in order to fulfill its legal obligations, in particular with government authorities for the purposes of verifying compliance with applicable laws.

Credit Panda may give access to client personal information to certain agents responsible for operations and the administration of the company’s affairs (sales and marketing, administration, operating system, legal affairs, etc.) or to third parties (technical services, postal services, servers, etc.), to the only extent necessary for the performance of their mandate.

Right of consultation and modification

At any time, the client has the right to know the nature of the data collected about him/her, to consult them and ask to make the necessary corrections or additions. Any request to this effect should be addressed to Credit Panda at the contact details appearing at the bottom of this document.

Right of opposition and removal

At any time, the client may withdraw his consent, in whole or in part, to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. Such removal could result in Credit Panda refusing to provide some of its services and / or products. However, the consent given to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information for ongoing services will remain valid until full performance of the client’s contractual obligations under the agreement entered into. Likewise, the consent will remain valid in certain circumstances, in particular for keeping transaction or business data, for disclosing information to government authorities when required by law, etc. Any request relating to the withdrawal of consent to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information should be addressed to Credit Panda at the contact details appearing at the bottom of this document.

Protection of information / security

Credit Panda, processes and stores client’s personal information in a secure environment, for the entire duration of the contract entered with the client and for a reasonable period of time following the end of the contract in order to meet legal and statutory requirements, insurance, security and data processing requirements. The data is kept at the company’s business locations.

Credit Panda takes all reasonable measures to protect its client’s personal information by using physical, electronic or appropriate security procedures, including a safeguard for losses or theft protection, as well as the use of secure areas (restrictions on disclosure, copying, use or modification).

The security systems applied by Credit Panda meet or exceed industry standards. The systems are tested regularly in order to update the security mechanisms according to constantly evolving technologies.

Contact Credit Panda

This privacy policy is updated periodically. For more information regarding this policy, it is recommended that you contact the person responsible for applying the privacy policy at Credit Panda at the following coordinates:


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